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"Li Daoyou doesn't have to do this. I don't have to hide my name and be afraid all day long." The Heat Immortal waved his hand and said with a wry smile. Haha, since we are all acquaintances, this expedition will be easier to handle. Shi Chuankong said with a smile. Not bad, not bad, just now the hot road friend also said that you can lead each other with me to be the bosom friend in the wine, come on, let's not worry about other things first, drink first. Fox three then also said with a smile. Han Li saw this with a slight smile, and did not refuse, immediately sat opposite the stone through the air, and drink with it. Speaking of, at the beginning in the idle cloud valley, in addition to Jingyang master, the number of this hot fire immortal is the most greedy, never thought that now know this fox three is also a drunkard. But for this person some fooling around and unruly character, he is not disgusted, but is to bring back some of the seven Xuanmen when the past. Heishan Fairy Land, yuan Gui Continent, Liuyun City. yuangui Continent is located at the southeast border of Heishan Fairy Land, and Liuyun City is located at the southernmost end of yuangui Continent. Although it seems to be located in a remote area, it can be regarded as one of the most prosperous cities in Heishan Fairy Land. Its walls are towering, almost into the clouds, and the wide streets of the city are crisscrossed, with numerous tall and beautiful buildings stretching to the end of the field of vision. Seen from a distance, the city is full of people,38 tube fitting, and the sky is full of light, and the prosperity is unimaginable. The city stands on the coast, outside the city is a boundless sea, the sea is black, the sea is rolling violently, setting off one after another huge waves, it seems that the whole sea is crazy. This sea area is known as the sea of riots, the waves are surging all the year round, the weather is extremely harsh,tube fitting manufacturer, and there are many dangers, not to mention that ordinary people, even some monks with lower cultivation, can not survive in it. Although the climate of the Sea of Rebellion is harsh, the spirit of heaven and earth is very strong. There are many monsters in the sea, and there are many precious spiritual materials. So even though the Sea of Rebellion is very dangerous, there are still countless monks coming to Liuyun City to explore treasures from here, which makes the city very prosperous. The reason why Liuyun City is so prosperous is not only because of those who go to sea to find treasures, but also because of an important reason, that is, there is a cross-domain transmission array in Liuyun City together with the Black Earth Fairy Domain. Although the four regions are not separated from each other by wild boundaries, they do not border on each other, and there are some natural dangers between them. Between the Black Mountain Fairy Land and the Black Earth Fairy Land, there is the sea of riots. In the central area of Liuyun City, there is a towering white giant peak, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the peak, numerous buildings have been built densely, stainless steel tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, circling along the mountain. Seen from a distance, the whole white giant peak looks like a large honeycomb, which is very spectacular. Halfway up Jufeng, a three-story white pagoda building stands on the hill. In front of the central hall of the white pagoda, there is a plaque several feet in size, on which the three characters "Feixian Palace" are written in gold powder. This is the transmission hall of Liuyun City, which is built by pieces of white jade. Through the main entrance of the hall, through a white corridor, the front is suddenly clear, is a huge white hall with hundreds of feet in size. There was a long white jade table on the left side of the huge hall, behind which stood several heavenly monks in gold robes, who were handling the formalities for the monks lined up in five or six queues in front of the table. On the right side of the huge hall, there are dozens of transmission arrays of different sizes, arranged in several rows. A jade tablet is erected beside each array, on which the name of the destination where the transmission array arrives is written. All of these teleportation arrays were buzzing, flashing white lights from time to time, carrying the monks to the city of clouds or to other places. At this time, a transmission array in the left front of the giant hall suddenly lit up, emitting a towering white light, and more than a dozen figures appeared in the empty array. Four figures came out first, three young men, and a white-haired old man, it is Han Li, hot fairy Zun and other four people who came all the way from Weique Mountain. In order to avoid trouble, the four people have made some changes in body shape and appearance. Along the way, most of them took the transport array forward, and when they happened to encounter some trouble, they flew away directly, stop-and-go, spent more than 30 years, and finally arrived at Liuyun City. That's it for now. Let's go. "The third fox put his hands behind his head, said to the other three, and then walked outside on his own." Hey, I said.. Don't we just take the transport array? This sea of violence is not easy to cross. "The Fairy of Heat moved his eyebrows and asked." Riding the cross-domain transport array is different from the general transport array. It needs to be examined very strictly. We have to make some preparations first. Fox three footsteps did not stop, the head also did not come back, but through the sound and three people said a way. When he heard this, he nodded slightly, stopped talking, and followed him. Han Li and Shi Chuankong followed him from the beginning to the end without saying a word and went out. But the rest of the people did not find that, in the heat of the immortal and fox three conversation, the corners of his mouth slightly pumping, seems to reveal a bit of helplessness. The third fox has been wandering in various immortal realms for many years and has rich experience, so he is responsible for the arrangement of some routes and other points that need attention along the way. Speaking of, people can so smoothly come to this cloud city, this person is indispensable. This person seems to be indifferent to everything, as if he is not very reliable, but in fact, he is so careful that he thinks more about many things than others. Following the outward flow of people, four people quickly walked out of the white tower. The location of the tower is quite high, and the city below, as well as the sea of riots outside the city, is in full view. This is the sea of riots, and it is indeed magnificent. Han Li looked at the turbulent sea in the distance and exclaimed. The rumbling noise came from far away, and the white giant peak at the foot of the crowd trembled slightly. This is just an offshore area, which is nothing. If you go to the depths of the sea of riots,14 tube fitting, it will really be a huge wave, which is very exciting. The third fox laughed. Oh, is it possible that Fox Sandaoyou has been to the depths of the sea of riots? Han Li asked with a slight surprise. chinaroke.com

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The countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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